Military Grade Protection


We all fear being stuck in a far away country with no travel documents to get home… Ironically, many humans fear storing those same documents on a secure digital device. Despite what you may think, human error IS avoidable and cloud implementations CAN be designed to guarantee user data is secure.

Many people don’t know they can, or simply don’t know how to, protect both IOS and Android smartphones by enable and verify data protection. This is as simple as putting your phone on airplane mode. Both devices have built-in encryption and you can turn them on in your settings.

iOS user? Enable and verify data protection in seconds. For more information refer to

Zoomlee Secure Storage App

Android user? Enable and verify data protection in seconds. For Android please refer to

Android Secure Steps_low res

Again, your data is absolutely safe in the cloud. Zoomlee has implemented AES 256 encryption (again, the world’s best security standard) to protect your data. AES256 is a symmetrical encryption algorithm that has become ubiquitous, this is the exact same algorithm that both North American and Canadian governments use for encrypting highly classified data both in route and where it is hosted.