Immigration storage app: International travelers stay organized and compliant


Why Zoomlee is different than any other app? This is much MORE than the average travel app. Zoomlee is the very first app to digitally track, alert and store immigration compliance documents. (Read the press release online by visiting PRWeb.)

Zoomlee (, is the world’s first intelligent storage application engineered to securely store all personal and immigration documents. Developed for the international traveler in the digital age, Zoomlee officially launched today and can be downloaded for free. The Zoomlee app is built with end-to-end security features to eliminate the risk and complexity international travelers face everyday.
Users have the option to download a customized app to fit their specific needs. With multiple adaptations of the app to choose from, there is a version to satisfy the needs of every corporate traveler, student studying abroad, frequent international tourist or an entire family traveling together.

Zoomlee was developed with multiple goals and will change international travel as we’ve known it. As the world’s first app that configures to your travel and immigration needs with security at the very core, Zoomlee is now available to download from the App Store and Google Play.


For students studying abroad: 

With Zoomlee, students can stay up-to-date via alerts for every personal and immigration related document directly from the app. Users traveling abroad for education and work experience can add visas, passports, work and residency permits directly to the app; information that is immediately obtainable via a passcode only the user has access to. All documents are even available when the user is offline.

Zoomlee Immigration Compliance App

What customers are saying? 
“There are two things every traveler needs when they go to a new country… A suitcase and Zoomlee,” said a graduate student at the University of Florida and user of the Zoomlee app, Sphoorti Biradar. “It gives me access to important documents with my smartphone from anywhere. Personally, I think the best feature is that I can share my documents with my school and immigration authorities right from the Zoomlee app.”

International travelers and families: 
Zoomlee automatically tracks document expiration dates and alerts users of any actions that are needed. Because your information is already stored in the app, it’s simple to fill customs declaration forms for the US. Based on location, users can find the nearest police station, hospital or consulate in case of emergency.

“Zoomlee is providing international travelers a new and safe way to keep track of important documents and receive reminders of upcoming expiration dates and deadlines,” said co-founder and CEO of Zoomlee, Umesh Vaidyamath. “Our vision is to empower international travelers to live stress free and stay compliant.”

Zoomlee Security… Fort Knox: 
The Zoomlee app was built with Fort Knox like security in mind at every step. From the design stage we incorporate encryption, secure connection to our servers and trust only the latest standards in Transport Layer Security (TLS). Your data is secure at every step with protocol verifying privacy between communicating applications and users on the Internet.

Zoomlee Immigration Compliance App

The end of complex international tax reporting days: Zoomlee automatically begins tracking users the second they arrive and depart from a country. This saves time, money and guarantees accuracy when determining the number of days spent outside your home country for tax reporting. The user can email the report to their tax attorneys to prepare tax returns. No more going through the stamps in your passport to determine the number of days traveled.

About Zoomlee: 
Zoomlee is the world’s only application design to keep international travelers stress free through alerts that quickly warn users of expiration dates and changes in immigration documents needed to take action and remain compliant. As the first secure information and immigration storage application, users can store all personal and immigration documents in the app and access it securely with a smartphone. Created for every corporate traveler, student studying abroad and international traveler, Zoomlee is now available to download from the AppStore and Google play. Learn more about Zoomlee by visiting

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