Instantly Track Case Status with USCIS Using Zoomlee App


Tracking your case number doesn’t have to be complex. With Zoomlee you simply enter the USCIS case number or receipt number in the Work Permit documents screen and you can easily track the status of your case.

When you store the information in the app your case number automatically becomes a direct link to the Case Number Status on the USCIS official site.

Case Number Status, USCIS, Zoomlee App



Once you have entered this information, you can check your case status quickly and frequently for Work Permit approvals, extensions or approval of your Green Card.

This function on the Zoomlee app also allows you to check the status of any family member’s case status. No more searching for various case numbers and entering them into the USCIS website every time you want to check the status.

Tip to remember: Make sure the country is shown as USA.

Stay compliant all the time with Zoomlee…


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