No More International Taxpayer Complexities


Eliminate the time you spend tracking international travel days and use Zoomlee’s tax-tracking function.

IRS… Audit… Income taxes… Federal… State… These are basic US tax terms that most people are familiar with and easily navigate through every April. April isn’t so simple if you’re a taxpayer living abroad, resident alien, foreign student, territory resident, nonresident alien, or one of the millions of people who are required to file international taxes. For these individuals, tax lingo isn’t so basic… Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Foreign Tax Credit, Tax Treaties, Foreign Account Compliance Act and the ongoing struggle to keep up with filing dates and currency exchange. Do you know that you need to pay taxes on your global income in the US if you are a resident for more than 183 days in a tax year? That puts you in the category with millions of other International Taxpayers.

International Taxes, Zoomlee App


Every International Taxpayer falls under a different category. These categories can appear convoluted but it’s important to understand exactly where you sit. The IRS recently created a user-friendly map to help you determine exactly what category you belong. Visit the IRS’ official site for International Taxpayers.

If you are one of those frequent business traveler or an expat living and working in a different country, you need to be carefully tracking the number of days you have been outside your home country when you are ready to file your tax returns at the end of the year.

Travelling for work, school or leisure is exhausting without having to worry about international tax laws. For the jet setting executives who spend more time going through airport security than they did studying in college, the last thing on their mind is keeping detailed records of the exact moment they entered one country or left another. Is there someone taking care of tracking the number of days traveled? You may end up being a nonresident for tax filing in your home country if you are not keeping records of the days spent in other countries for business, study, vacationing at a second home, or various humanitarian causes.

If you are an expat living and working abroad, you need to track the number of days that you lived in your home country and host country. It gets more complex if you leave your host country on business to travel to other countries.

You are not alone if you dread the day you are forced to thumb through the pages of your passport – Struggling to make sense of the dozens of faded and unclear immigration stamps. If only there was a simple and accurate way to compile this information into a detail oriented email that you could just send directly to your tax accountant or attorney?

Well you’re in luck. Zoomlee has a GPS feature to eliminate all the stress of accurately tracking where you were or how long you were there. GPS starts the moment you arrive and the moment you depart from any country – Making filing international taxes with the tax-tracking feature more than hassle free, it’s 100 percent accurate. You might be thinking this function sounds complicated… Simply set your home country… and Zoomlee takes care of the rest. It automatically checks you in and out of any country that you visit and gives you a tax report that is ready to be sent to your tax advisor.

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