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Print Customs Declaration Form Before Boarding


Have you always dreaded international travel whether you are a student, business traveler, tourist or an expat?

After a long and cramped flight you finally think you are at the end of this journey when the airline staff begins to hand out the US Customs and Border Protection Declaration Form, also known as Custom Declaration Form 6059B. This has become a familiar inconvenience for every frequent international traveller. This detailed 15-question form covers everything from basic information printed on your passport to your flight number, exact address where you will be staying, any monetary instruments to a detailed list of commercial merchandise.

CDF Blog Graphic, ZoomleeYou are half asleep with your travel documents packed tightly away and now you need to grope around in the dark cabin to retrieve your carry on, find a pen, and search through your passport and other travel documents and painstakingly fill out this form.

If you have Zoomlee… those days are over. The app has recently added the Customs Declaration Form feature to help take the pain out of international travel.

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